Cookers / David Weiss review in NYC Jazz Record

New York City Jazz Record reviews David Weiss and The Cookers

The NYC Jazz Record have published a great review of When Words Fail, David Weiss’s recent sextet recording, and also of The Cooker’s latest album, Time and Time Again.

On When Words Fail:

Yes, there’s some melancholy to When Words Fail, but there’s a lot of joy, too. This is a swinging, creative hardbop record, respectful of ‘60s methods but never merely retro. Weiss’ trumpet playing has lyricism and bite, Strickland’s sandpapery tenor and Walden’s rich alto are perfect counterparts and the rhythm section swings while keeping each member’s contributions separate and discernible.

On Time and Time Again:

Each man’s voice is unique, though they all tend toward fleet and flashy runs rather than deep blues explorations. Cables, McBee and particularly Hart make a fantastic rhythm section; the drums are sharp and cracking, with a hi-hat that snaps shut like a trap. The Cookers are a fascinating group because they’re not mimicking ‘60s hardbop—instead, they’re making music that recalls mainstream jazz of the mid ‘70s in its melodies and its production. It’s a unique sound and every one of their albums to date has been a winner, this one definitely included.

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