The London Community Gospel Choir

The London Community Gospel Choir

“…an evening full of taut, spine-tingling vocal work…rousing gospel hymns, spirituals, chilled soul and even disco – something for everyone in the enthusiastically eclectic audience.”

– The Independent

The London Community Gospel Choir was founded in 1982 by the Reverend Bazil Meade with the assistance of Lawrence Johnson, Delroy Powell and John Francis. LCGC is a choir like no other; they are inter-denominational, infinitely adaptable, and guaranteed to bring their own unique sound and energy to everything they do.

If you think you’ve never heard them perform…you probably have! LCGC can be heard on the original motion picture soundtrack of The Lion King, the iconic wedding sequence in Love Actually, Madonna’s performance at Live 8, and even the 2009 FA cup final!

The choir recently celebrated its 30th birthday; over the years it has moved from strength to strength and the future can only get better!