Charnett Moffett


“It is not just that he is a jaw-dropping virtuoso, although of course he is. Technique here serves deep feeling, as it should…Add Moffett’s mastery of plucking, rhythmic bow-bouncing, and thumb slapping, well as a clutch of effects pedals – echo, fuzz, even some wah-wah – and his ability to play rhythm and lead, call and response, simultaneously, and a man becomes an orchestra.” -London Jazz News, November 2014

8A8A2775 smallAppearing on over 200 recordings, composer Charnett Moffett is a veritable bass legend and has one of the most distinguished careers in jazz. After attending Juilliard he has supported innumerable icons of music including Wynton Marsalis, McCoy Tyner, Ornette Coleman and many others.

Moffett’s debut recording “Net Man” was for BlueNote records in 1987. Since that time, Moffett’s leadership on 17 recordings features his virtuosic innovative skills as a soloist. His most recent recordings (on Motema Music) include The Bridge, an acoustic solo bass tour-de-force that is an astounding project in musical range. Spirit of Sound takes the listener on a groundbreaking sonic journey featuring Moffett’s fretless electric bass.

Whether performing on acoustic or electric basses, his intense and energetic solos inspire audiences around the world.


NettWork is Moffett’s latest project that ties all of his musical concepts together, performing with ensembles of life long friends such as Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Mike Clark, Stanley Jordan and Cyrus Chestnut who are all masters of their instruments.

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